Post Freudian Interpretations

Welcome to an understanding of the psychology of dream analysis after Freud.

There is no question that Freud’s analysis of dreams have had a tremendous impact on the development of dream interpretation, however, from his views stemmed many other ideas. A student of Freud’s, Carl Jung, was influenced by Freud’s emphasis on an unconscious presence in dreams, but felt a spirituality could also play a vital role in dream experiences.

Science has made crucial advancements in the study of dream analysis, and I will be covering some fundamental theories: Cognitive, Evolutionary,  and Biological. I will also be discussing the most modern scientific discoveries pertaining to the recording of dreams, as done by MIT’s neuroscientist Mathew Wilson.

This section explores the opposing views that modern science has on some of the basic questions such as: why are we dreaming? and what purpose does dreaming serve, if any? We will explore the most modern concepts of dream analysis, to discover what happens when we leave the world of consciousness…. and slip into another.

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