Post-Freudian Interpretations

Welcome an understanding and introduction of different theorists in the field of dream interpretation- after Freud.

Its no question that Sigmond Freud had a tremendous impact on the study of dreams, however, most of his theories and interpretations were extremely subjective and do not provide enough objective evidence to be fully accepted by the scientific community. This section will explore other interesting viewpoints, immediately following Freud to modern day analysis.

Even during Freud’s life, other psychologists such a Carl Jung and Calvin Hall were rejecting Freud’s enormous emphasis on wish fulfillment present in dreams and suggesting other ideas such as spirituality and conceptions of wakeful experience could influence the content of ones dreams .  As time progresses along with our growing technological capabilities, scientists such as Antti Revonsuo, John Allan Hobson, Robert W. McCarley and neuroscientist Matthew Wilson have made tremendous advances in understanding the functions of dreams.

This is a our modern view of what happens when we leave the world of consciousness…and slip into another!

Created by Lauren Crowl


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