Vocation Dreams

Continuing with the concept of  spirituality and religion the vocation dreams tend to be premonition’s of events to come that introduce or renew and reinforce the spiritual convictions of individuals. Also vocation dreams are also metaphors which illustrate important personal concerns with an individuals life. Furthermore, indicating what vocational path to choose and ultimately have effects that change’s an individuals life (Davis, 2005, p. 79).

The example that Davis (2005) uses talks about a the experiences of a man named Oswald who later becomes a king (p. 79). In a particular instance king Oswald was asleep on the night before a battle when in his dream  Saint Columba presented himself spoke to him. Saint Columba told him that he will defeat his adversaries and have a good reign as king (David, 2005, p. 79). Ultimately, this lead to king Oswald bringing Christianity to the area he ruled.

By: David Minnick



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