Temptation and Consolation Dreams

In terms of the life cycle dream of temptations and consolations are shown to occur in latter part of a persons life. Also these types of dreams usually told by Christian hermits, who devoted themselves to the monastery, then leave for a life spirituality and solitude. Typically the visions and dream are the opposite of divine revelations, and are manifestations of inner desires or demonic forces (Davis, 2005, p. 81). In the text Davis (2005), talks about two specific individuals, who both were military men, who then joined the monastery, then becoming a hermit (p. 81).  In one case there is descriptions of torments that Guthlac experiences some relating back to his military experiences, he is tormented by demons and then uses the Psalms to free himself from the torment. In this case as Davis (2005) states, this and other dreams and visions similar to them could have been contemporary versions of post-traumatic stress, since the individuals had both experienced war. Also, that these nightmarish dreams and then use of the Psalms or other divine intervention, were a way dealing with the stress and guilt that war brought upon them. Then the use of the Psalms in the dream were a type of therapy where God has chosen to help them, and they become relieved of their past transgressions and burdens (p. 82). This idea is interesting in respect to psychology cause only until recently have people begun to look at PTSD as a serious problem, and that back then religion and dream experiences could have been therapeutic.

By: David Minnick

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