Prophecies of Death and Destruction in Dreams

Dreams of death and destruction are prophetic in the sense that the individual who is experiencing them either see events that eventually occur in reference to death and destruction. Or are told by some a individual or divine being what will happen or what the measures the person experiencing the dream should take to avoid death and destruction (Davis, 2005, p. 83-84).   As Davis (2005) illustrates, a disciple is visited by his teacher Boisil, and asks him to warn another man to stop his preparations for his missionary trip to Germany. The disciple tell the man about his dream, and does not head his warning. Once again Boisil returns and tells the disciple to indicate his warning more intently. The disciple returns to the man and once again his warning goes ignored. The trip was eventually canceled because the ship for the intended voyage was ruined in a storm (p. 84). Although there may not seem like there is direct connection between these dreams and psychology, it does however, indicate how people were thinking at the time and valued dreams. Which, is important because it can illustrate the general attitudes of the time, and shows that there was a lot of value placed on mental experiences.

By: David Minnick

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