Glorious Obitus (Saint’s Deaths) in Dreams & Saints’ Relics (Burrial Locations) Dreams

This section saints have visions or dreams where a divine visitor(s) tell the saint when he or she is going to die exactly. Furthermore, like the dreams and visions of conception, contains reports of visions and dreams of others witnessing the soul of the saint leaving its body, which is described by bright ball of light. In the first case of the saints being visited there are similarities in aesthetic things such as clothing or light. However, there are differences in how the saint was contacted not necessarily occurring during sleep (Davis, 2005, p. 84). This is interesting because so far many of the experiences have been the same, which seems to indicate that how these messages are perceived may have to do with the particular individual. This is interesting because since the souls of these individuals are scared why not communicate in the same manner to further illustrate this point. Furthermore, as mentioned it may have to something to deal with individual differences in there souls and conciseness.   On the other hand, when its another person(s) experiencing the soul of the saint leaving the body, the descriptions of the events tend to be similar (Davis, 2005, p. 84-85). Which, as Davis (2005) states, “they either actually have the experience in cultural mediated forms or they ‘borrow’ acceptable language to describe the experience” (p. 85). This is interesting, because most of the dream analysis that has been presented so far tend to be mental experiences instead of this external experience that the individual can not describe on his or her own, without confining the descriptions to the individuals natural surroundings, either cultural or linguistic.

The last section Saints’ Relics in dreams is similar to the glorious obitus, in the sense that the visions and dreams pertain to the death of saints, but do not involve seeing the soul leave the body. Instead they pertain to the location where of deceased body or where the saints body should be buried.

By: David Minnick

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