Poems and Songs in Dreams

There have been cases that individuals use sleep and dreams to spark creativity, and either while dreaming or afterwords they produce poems or songs. This is important in the sense of Anglo-Saxon conversion because songs and poems have been used to help convert people to Christianity (Davis, 2005, p. 80). Furthermore, Davis (2005) tell the story of an Anglo-Saxon named Caedmon, who was believed to not be muscly inclined was not allowed to participate. One night, while dreaming he was asked to sing a song about creation. The next day Caedmon started singing a new song about creation. Later he was told that his new artistic gift was a miracle and he converted, becoming a monk.

The Song goes like this:

“Praise we the Fasioner now of Heaven’s fabric,

The majesty of his might and his mind’s wisdom,

Work the world-warden, worker of all wonders,

How he the Lord of Glory everlasting ,

Wrought first for the race of men Heaven as a rooftree,

Then made he Middle Earth to be their mansion,” (Davis, 2005, p. 80).

By: David Minnick

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