Conception Dreams

The first category is conception dreams  visions which generally deal with the normally the mother but sometimes other individuals having dreams that indicate conception of the baby has occurred. However, it does not always occur at the exact moment of conception. (Davis, 2005, p. 77)  As Davis (2005) noted “dreams seem to depict pregnancy metaphorically as putting something into or taking something out of one’s own body…” (p. 77-78).  Furthermore, they believed that certain dreams also indicate how the child should be raised and what the child should do in their life time. For instance one dream reported in this article describes a older woman who wanted to have a baby but couldn’t until one night she dreamed that she had a church bell in her chest and when she removed the bell it rang. The woman told her nurse, who replied “We shall yet see a daughter from your womb and it is your duty to consecrate her straightaway to God,” (Davis, 2005, p. 78). Once again coming back to the concept of spirituality and indicating that the child should be taught and learn about God during her life. Another dream mentioned talks about a woman swallowing a moon.  In the case of visions several individuals have reported visions of fire and light during the birth of saints out side of the home.

Overall conception dreams and visions indicate that a child has been conceived. Further more that the baby has a special significance in the terms of spirituality and how the infants life should be directed. Furthermore, these dreams sometimes illustrate an unconscious message between the body and mind indicating to the woman that conception has occurred.

By: David Minnick

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