Pre-Freudian Interpretations

Welcome to an analysis of dream interpretations. This section will cover the time period between the very first dream interpretations to the time before the influence of Sigmund Freud.

Since this is a very expansive time period this section will be looking at several key theories and ideas. Starting off with, some overlap from The First Interpretations section, covering key Greek philosophers such as: Plato, Aristotle, Artemidorus, and Lucretius. The next section will look at Christianity’s view on dream interpretation and how dreams are formed, which the text on the Christian author Gregory of Nssay explains; as well as how in different ways dreams buy essay online are seen to be divine. Mainly focusing on an analysis that looks at the time period when Anglo-Saxon’s were converting to Christianity. Furthermore, this section looks at how dreams play a pivotal role in understanding both internal and external changes in relation to spirituality throughout the human life cycle.

By: David Minnick

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